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The Kick-Ass Princess

I’m a music junkie. I’m fortunate to live in what seems like music heaven! There’s quite a few options for streaming music; I settled on Google Play Music about 4 years ago and love it. We have a family plan … Continue reading →

Monkey Bar Challenge (6 yo division)

alexa chris 03-25-15 01 w

Alexa’s been burned up for the last two years because Christopher mastered the monkey bars first. We practiced, talked about monkey motion, and studied strategy. This week Alexa felt ready to take the Monkey Bar Challenge. Watch what happens. … Continue reading →

The Tooth Fairy, the Oracle, and the Dad

tooth fairy 3a

After an exciting and tooth-drama filled couple of weeks, yesterday Grandma L. (the kindergarten teacher’s mother), helped Alexa pull out her very loose tooth. All students in the class get a little plastic treasure box to store their fallen teeth … Continue reading →

This is the Story of a Girl

I’m trying to clean up and organize my digital life. One of the benefits of that type of work is endless tangents to go off on. We found this video of Alexa dancing from around New Year 2012, making her … Continue reading →

Alter Bridge–All Hope is Gone

Just putting up whatever catches my ear as I scramble to catch up on about a million other partly finished projects. Alter Bridge is a really great band, imo. With AB, Myles Kennedy is simply amazing, but for some reason, … Continue reading →

Vacation Procrastination

Having two weeks off at the end of the year is undeniably awesome. Finances keep us at home instead of traveling world, but that’s ok, because I share the vacation with two kids who consider our city an international adventure. … Continue reading →

deMotivational Messages: Consulting

This is especially spot on in the realm of education consulting today.  Check out all that has to offer. … Continue reading →