Best Summer Ever, part 6. The bikes are back in town.

The hardest part of summer is making the transition from regular work into full-time summer mode. Usually there is a period of decompression time and adjusting. This year, we’re jumping right in. The weather has played along very well–as soon as … Continue reading →

Best Summer Ever, part 5. First screw up and Rockies redemption.

Today our Summer begins, even if we still have some school/work entanglements to clear up this week. First, I called the rec center to find the location for baseball. It’s about 3ish miles away, which we I figured we could … Continue reading →

Best Summer Ever, part 4. The day before.

On Memorial Day, we got everything ready for our first summer activities. Tuesday, Chris and Alexa have their first baseball practice, followed by our first Colorado Rockies game of the year. Even though I’ve been counting down, this week snuck … Continue reading →

Soundtrack for May 2016

  Here is my May Playlist on Google music. I spent some time this month working on a best of 1979 playlist, so that’s how all of those songs got thrown into the mix. Two of our favorites from May … Continue reading →

Best Memories

I’ve been thinking a lot about memories while planning out our summer. Just what kind of things do kids remember with excitement? I want the summer to be memorable for them, but what do Chris and Alexa really remember? I … Continue reading →

Best Summer Ever, part 3. Goth Night at the Amusement Park

Yesterday we took our first trip of the year to Lakeside Amusement Park. Even though it’s on the opposite side of Denver,  it’s under 20 minutes from our house to the parking lot. Lakeside is one of my favorite places … Continue reading →

Best Summer Ever, part 2. Dairy Queen

From just next to our front yard, you can see a Dairy Queen sign rising up behind the 7-11 across the street. A DQ across the street from a kid’s house is one of the details that will be remembered into … Continue reading →